Data visualisation, the ability to communicate data sets in compelling charts, graphs and dashboards, is a highly in demand skill across all business sectors and job roles because it enables timely data- driven business decision making.

In fact, business demand for data visualisation is expected to grow enormously in the next three years.

One of the most commonly adopted visualisation tools globally is Microsoft Power BI, partly because the Power BI Desktop version is free and relatively easy to use, and also because the Power BI Service version enables organisation-wide collaboration and publishing of dashboards. In summary, Power BI allows users to connect to data, create and share interactive reports and dashboards.

The objective of the Technology4Business Introduction to Power BI Programme is for participants, within six sessions, to be independently and competently producing reports using Power BI Desktop. Similarly, we also offer a Power BI Service Programme for on-line users that wish to collaborate using workspaces and create integrated dashboards. Please enquire for further details.

A Practical Introduction to Power BI Dashboarding   

6x3 hour sessions and 4 x follow-up surgeries

£1,100 per head for open course

Please enquire for an in-house course price*.

On completion of this course, learners will be independently producing Power BI reports and dashboards. Following an introduction, participants learn how to connect to and model data prior to producing and publishing reports and dashboards.

*All in-house programmes will be tailored to meet the needs and terminology of the business. All trainees will be supported/coached for four months after the programme to ensure they can apply their learning in their area of work.

Introduction to Power BI

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