ISACA Cyber Security Fundamentals Training

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A practical course designed for individuals who are interested in understanding Cyber Security or those who want to get practical guidance to how to protect organizations, their critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks.

What you'll learn

Information Security Fundamentals

  • An overview of cyber-security and security types
  • Differences between information technology systems and specialized systems
  • Cybersecurity Governance, Roles and Responsibilities Privacy vs. Security

Service Disruption and the Threat Landscape

  • Understanding Resilience
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Business Impact Analysis and Recovery Concepts

Essential for anyone in business who needs to be Cyber-aware or is interested in a Cyber-career, this blend of online
learning, performance labs and tutor supported tutorials teaches the key concepts of Cyber Security including tools,
threats, vulnerabilities, different classes of attack etc.

Learners will gain insight into the principles of data and technologies that frame and define Cyber Security, its
language and the integral role of Cyber Security professionals in protecting enterprise data and infrastructure.

This practical training,  requires no prior data knowledge or experience and includes:

  • 12 x on-line modules – this interactive, self-guided course was created by experts to guide you through lessons and hands-on tasks to prepare you for real world situations
  • 10 x Performance Labs – online / hands-on skills building activities
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals Certificate Exam
  • 12 Month ISACA Student Membership
  • Up to 12 x Meet the Expert drop ins – weekly live tutorial sessions (Silver & Gold)


Frequently asked questions

1How do I know the Cyber-Security Fundamentals course is right for me?
With cyber threats are becoming more widespread and increasing exponentially. IT professionals and companies must make significant changes to stay secure, with the threat of cyber-attacks increasing dramatically, and this has increased the need for cyber-security professionals that are knowledgeable and talented in the industry. The ISACA Cyber-Security Fundamentals course is a great introduction to Cyber-Security and is designed for anyone with an interest in understanding Cyber Security or those who want to get practical guidance to how to protect organizations, their critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. This could be to provide relevant knowledge to enhance your existing job, or to help you have that “something” extra that will make you stand out from the other applicants for a new job or job sector. No prior experience is necessary, although you should be comfortable working using a PC / Laptop.
2Who are ISACA?
ISACA is a global professional association and learning organization with more than 165,000 members who work in digital trust fields such as information security, governance, assurance, risk, privacy and quality. With a presence in 188 countries and with 225 chapters worldwide, ISACA is recognized around the world for its guidance, credentials, education, training and community. To serve its professional community across the globe, ISACA has established three offices based in North America, Europe and China. Further information can be found here:
3I don’t have a background in Cyber-Security. Can I still apply for the course?
Sure you can. Even if you are absolutely new to Cyber-Security, the course is designed to help you even with no relevant knowledge at the start. You don’t need to have a degree or prior technical background - all you need is a working understanding of computers discipline, persistence, and a willingness to work hard and to learn about Cyber-Security.
4How does the course work?
The course is an on-line course that provides access to 3 main resources:
  • On-Line Learning modules
  • On-Line ISACA “Labs” to undertake practical activities and to undertake practice exercises
  • Downloadable electronic learning materials
You can access these materials at a time that is convenient to you, and allows to learn at your own pace. You also have the option (Silver and Bronze options) to access live virtual “meet the expert” sessions.
5What are the time commitments are required from me?
Obviously, everyone learns at their own pace and starts from a different level of knowledge. That said, you should expect to spend approximately 30 hours completing the on-line learning and the Lab exercises during the course. You can of course sign up for additional support (via the Silver and Gold packages), which will provide an additional 9 and 18 hours virtual face-to-face time (respectively) with an expert tutor. The on-line learning and Labs can be undertaken at a time convenient to you, with the timing of the “meet the expert” sessions selected by you
6I don’t have regular access to the Internet. Is this a problem?
Whilst internet access is needed, our students don't need access to the Internet every day. The course delivery is designed so that you can download the course materials, but you do need to be connected to the internet to access the on-line learning, Performance Labs and Exam.
7What are the support mechanisms offered on the bootcamp?
Under the Silver and Gold options, you have access to a number of “meet the expert” sessions. During the sessions, you will be able to ask any questions relating to the course, and in addition, key content will be delivered during the session as a supplement to the on-line learning materials and Labs. The Silver option gives access to 6 x 1.5hr sessions, with 12 x 1.5hr available under the Gold option.
8Can I take this course if I am employed full-time?
Yes, many the majority of students studying with Technology4Business are working full-time in a non-tech role. Please however note that If you are working full-time, you may need to plan your attendance at the “meet the expert” sessions. These are selected by you when you book, so you can plan ahead.
9How do I get the course certificate?
At the end of the course there is an on-line exam to assess your knowledge of the course materials. Once completed, ISACA will issue you with your certificate directly.

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