Arbutus Analyzer

Established over 25 years ago and utilized in over 60 countries

Arbutus Analyzer stands as a robust data analytics tool meticulously designed to empower users in gaining insights from their data while identifying omissions or errors. With the capability to harness data from virtually any source, Arbutus has a proven track record in assisting audit, accounting, finance professionals, and organizations at large in utilizing their data comprehensively, facilitating better business insights at unprecedented speeds.

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Key Features

Why Choose Arbutus?

Arbutus is committed to elevating data analytics, amalgamating the best functionality within the Data Analytics market under a single, cost-effective product. Serving as a replacement for Caseware IDEA, ACL, and Alteryx, Arbutus offers a natural upgrade to Microsoft's "free" products. With a user-friendly approach familiar to Excel users, Arbutus combines advanced features and power to provide a substantial upgrade in speed and capability.




Records per second

Data Security:

Arbutus does not access or host client data; instead, it is installed on-premise or within your cloud environment, ensuring complete control over your data and access permissions.

What Sets Arbutus Apart:


Multiple interaction methods cater to user preferences, encouraging adoption across the entire team.

Analytics Power:

Direct reading of delimited files and optimization for modern multicore processors ensures superior performance.

Flexible Licensing Options:

Whether single licenses or concurrent, Arbutus offers comprehensive licensing options.

ACL Compatibility:

Arbutus is fully compatible with existing ACL projects, providing a familiar user experience.

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Arbutus SmartApps

Get a Headstart Driving Your Analytics Results

Designed for users at all levels. SmartApps are Arbutus procedures (scripts) that are part of the standard Arbutus Analyzer installation. There are nearly 70 SmartApps, and they execute widely-used audit analytics in the following business areas:

Data Connectors

Take advantage of an ever expanding suite of data connectors to work with most popular data sources including Databases, Cloud Sources, Systems Data and SAP


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