Arbutus Analyzer Training

Introduction to Arbutus Analyzer – (6 x ½ days)

Learning Objectives

This 6 x ½ day course is a comprehensive introduction to Arbutus Analyzer (, designed for novice users who want to learn the fundamentals needed to start using Analyzer. Through this thorough introduction and practice exercises, you will learn how to effectively use Analyzer to accomplish your audit and/or business objectives.

Key Topics:

Detect gaps and control failures

Discover duplicates in inconsistent data and duplicates that are similar but not exact

Access and reconcile data from various systems in order to identify potential issues

Identify outliers and anomalies in transactional data

Combine data from multiple source types in order to make comparisons between them

Aggregate data to identify trends and exceptions

Compare files to identify changes between two points in time

Calculate elapsed times and isolate those outside bounds

Arbutus Analyzer Intermediate Training – (5 x ½ days)

Learning Objectives

This 5 x ½ day course is designed to show you how to apply Analyzer functionality to data analytics projects. This will be accomplished through four case studies that cover data integrity verification, travel and entertainment expenses, vendor and inventory management and IT passive directory accounts and terminations.

Key Topics:

Develop your skills in devising an efficient data analysis plan to achieve your goals

Refresh your knowledge of and experience with basic Analyzer functionality

Identify and apply the Analyzer functionality needed to achieve objectives

Break analysis objectives into structured, manageable steps

Familiarize you with common data analysis tasks and scenarios

Identify and follow best practices

Test issues to identify patterns that may be indicative of the cause of issues

Automate the solution for one case study

Arbutus Analyzer Advanced Training (scripting and automation) 6 x ½ days

Learning Objectives

Become a more efficient Analyzer user by automating your analytics and integrating functions into your analysis. This three-day course is designed to familiarize users with the creation and use of Arbutus Analyzer Procedures (scripts) and Functions in order to automate common tasks and to perform more complex analysis.

Key ‘Functions’ Topics

Harmonize data for better matching and results

Use date and time data to identify weekend transactions and build flexible date ranges into your analysis

Clarify the meaning of your data by replacing, inserting, including or excluding characters

Supercharge your keyword searches using SmartSearch, Listfind and other functions

Identify duplicates in inconsistent data (fuzzy comparisons)

Key 'Procedures' Topics

Understand the nature of procedures (also known as scripts) in Analyzer and the various ways to create and edit them

Create interactive procedures to prompt for information and use variables to store and update the information at run time

Calculate elapsed times and isolate those outside bounds

Incorporate best practices, conditionalize when commands should be used, and control the logical flow of your procedures

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